Will it be possible to act as a service provider and identity provider at the same time?

I’m developing a service where there can be multiple identity providers and multiple service providers can communicate to each other using the service. It will be SP-initiated. I configured the SAML config as the spec specifies but I’m not sure whether this can be achieved. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

The SAML configuration supports multiple partner identity providers and multiple partner service providers. Typically your web application is acting as either a service provider or identity provider but it can also act as both if required. If you’re the service provider then include one or more partner identity providers in your configuration. If you’re the identity provider then include one or more partner service providers in your configuration.
If you run into any issues then please contact us through the forum or at support@componentspace.com including your saml.config and a description of the issue. Thanks.

Thanks a lot for the reply. It was simply a ordering issue in saml.config. Thanks for the support to pointing it out in no time.

You’re welcome.
The SAML configuration XML schema requires the order of the XML elements to be correct.
A good idea is to run our ValidateConfig utility which will check the saml.config against the XML schema.
For example:
ValidateConfig.exe saml.config