Using Component Space for integrating with ForgeRock


My Company wanted to shift from Active Directory to ForgeRock. Forge Rock exposes RESTApi’s.

I like to know if we can use Component Space for SAML Assertions and ASP.Net. I don’t want to use ADFS. Please let me know.
If YES, what support we would get to implement using Component Space. Would you be able to give sample code? Please let me know, i should be able to convince my Company to buy enterprise license.


You wouldn’t use the REST APIs for the SAML SSO support.
We don’t have direct experience with ForgeRock but do have customers who have successfully integrated.
Please refer to the following ForgeRock SAML SSO documentation.
We’re happy to assist with any questions regarding setting up SSO on the SP side.
The code in our ExampleServiceProvider project under the Examples\SSO\HighLevelAPI\WebForms folder works with the majority of SAML identity providers.
The saml.config file will need a entry for the ForgeRock identity provider.