Tool for conversion of configuration files from saml.config to saml.json

We will soon be upgrading from ComponentSpace.Saml2 v4.0.0 for .Net to ComponentSpace.Saml2 v3.2.0 (.Net Core).
As the .Net core version uses .json configuraionn files as opposed to .config XML configuration files, it’s going to be painful to upgrade without a tool to help, not to mention the chance of getting it wrong due to typos etc.

Do you or does anybody else have a tool to upgrade the .config files to .json for us? We use lots of different partner identity providers and we have several config files.

We also have a Powershell script which reads Partner Identity Provider meta data .xml files, installs certificates on a list of web servers and then updates the saml.config file with the new identity provider (written in house). Is there a tool to do this for saml.json files?

Hi Martin,
I’m afraid we don’t have such tools. If you have SAML metadata for each partner identity provider you could use the ImportMetadata console application project to create the appsettings.json. Alternatively, you could write a tool to perform the conversion. The CreateConfiguration console application project could be used as a starting point. I’m sorry we don’t have a better alternative.