Token expires after 20 min

I’am using ComponentSpace to secure a .Net core application with Saml2. The application is deployed in Azure.

My issue is that every 20 min the SAML token is no more valid and the user is redirected to the authentication page.

How can I change this behavior ?


The SAML assertion has a short validity period (usually just a few minutes).
It’s used to exchange user identity information between the identity provider and service provider sites.
The service provider must establish a local authentication session using this user identity information.
If you’re using Microsoft Identity, you do this by calling SignInManager.SignInAsync.
The ExampleServiceProvider’s SamlController.AssertionConsumerService action demonstrates this call.
Microsoft Identity maintains the authentication using a cookie with a sliding expiration.
This is configurable through the CookieAuthenticationOptions.
You should configure the cookie options as required.
Once the local local authentication session expires at the service provider, the user will have to SSO again.
If the local authentication session at the identity provider has expired, they’ll be prompted to login again at the identity provider.