The XML is not an Advice list item issue when ReceiveSSoAsync


I’m using ComponentSpace.Saml2 v in App which act as ServiceProvider. and when app reciving assertion it crash with “The XML is not an Advice list item”. When I look at recived assertion XML I found this in saml:Advice element

<CustomAdvice xmlns=“”>http://domain/xmlns/samlextensions">



This is OK because in XSD is option to add any element form namespace ##other. But AdviceListItem can be only AssertionIDRef || AssertionURIRef || Assertion || EncryptedAssertion.

Is there way to process assertion response with this advice element?

Thank you


Thanks for pointing out this limitation.
We’ll include a fix in the 2.0.6 release.
Please contact mentioning this topic to receive a beta release when available.