SSO with Azure AD

We are trying to set-up Single Sign On via Azure AD having managed to get it working ok with Shibboleth. Has anyone had any success getting this working, if so, do you have any tips? One issue I am struggling with is trying to tell Azure what certificate to use from the ComponentSpace library. With Shibboleth, it’s possible to add this to the metadata file but there appears to be no way of adding this in Azure.

Any help would be very much appreciated.



Hi Chris
There are a couple of options for generating SAML metadata and including your certificate.
The Examples/Metadata/ExportMetadata project generates SAML metadata from your saml.config file.
The usage is:
ExportMetadata []
Alternatively, we include in the Examples/Metadata/Templates folder templates for SAML metadata with to-do instructions. You can use your preferred XML editor to update this including your certificate as a base-64 string.
You’re welcome to contact if you need a hand setting up your metadata or you’d like someone to double check it