SPA + API as Service Provider/Relaying Party

We have an Angular 2+ single page application that communicates with a .NET CORE Web API. We currently use JWT.
We want to use your product to allow a SAML connection between an Identity Provider and our Angular2 + WebAPI application which needs to behave as a Service Provider/Relaying Party.

Does your product offers this kind of functionality? If yes, how?
If not, could you please suggest a way of implementing this kind of workflow?

This is possible but at this stage we don’t have an AngularJS SPA example project.
We do have customers who have successfully done this though.
One thing to keep in mind is that SAML is a browser based protocol meaning all messages sent between the identity provider (IdP) and service provider (SP) sites go via the browser. There is no direct communication between the IdP and SP. Furthermore, as part of processing a SAML authn request, the IdP typically prompts the user for their user name and password.
If you run into any issues, you’re welcome to ask on the forum or contact us by email.

It’s been 9 months, still no sample project?
What about React/Redux SPA?

We have an Angular example that we’re about to release.
Please contact to receive a copy.