SP Initiated SSO - "The pending SAML action is being overridden."

Novice here -
I’ve setup 2 clients with my web solution, SP initiated, both work.

I setup a 3rd client exact same way; using import tool to import client’s metadata.

The 3rd client, can’t pass through.
I send an AuthNRequest to their IDP, their IDP sends a POST response back (per the SAML tracer) with:

<samlp:Response ID=“_F4D98D7420395C6FC7A183D94FEE7A85”

But then nothing seems to happen.

On my idp.log on my server i see my Initiation of SSO completes to the partner IDP.
Then when I get a response back I get
Pending response state:
Action: ReceiveSamlResponse
Partner name: login.cajonvalley.net
Relay state:
In response to: _bd1876db-4ba6-4fbd-94fc-6850857ff498
ComponentSpace.SAML2 Verbose: 0 : 5784/28: 9/3/2019 7:55:52 PM: The pending SAML action is being overridden.


This is completely different then my 2 previous clients that are working.
I assume this is my problem.

I don’t have this set in my saml.config
OverridePendingAuthnRequest = false

I thought that would prevent the override (assuming that’s the issue)

Not sure if this is on my side or the client side -

Any help is greatly appreciated -



Hi Boyd,
The message “The pending SAML action is being overridden” indicates a SAML flow has been interrupted. It doesn’t necessarily mean there’s been an error.
Please enable our SAML trace and send the generated log file as an email attachment to support@componentspace.com mentioning your forum post.