SLOService 404

Hello ComponentSpace,

I am playing with your MVC Example and have got SSO working between an IDP and an SP, however, whenever I attempt to “Logout”, I receive a HTTP 404. I have verified that /SAML/SLOService does exist, but for whatever reason I get the 404 error. I’ve also verified that when debugging the MvcExampleServiceProvider, I never reach the SLOService method.

Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

Can you browse to http://localhost:51481/MvcExampleServiceProvider?
If you deploy the example applications to IIS on localhost:80 then everything should work as-is.
If you run the examples from Visual Studio make sure to update the saml.config files so the URLs include the appropriate port numbers.

Hello ComponentSpace,

I am unable to navigate to http://localhost:51481/MvcExampleServiceProvider. I continue to receive a 404 error.

I tried port 80, but still continue to receive a 404.

I published the MvcExampleServiceProvider to an IIS Website and continue to receive the 404 error.

Just so you’re aware of my environment, I’m using Visual Studio 2013, .NET 4.5, MVC 5.

The ComponentSpace logs show “Initiation of SLO to the partner identity provider urn:componentspace:OurWebIdentityProvider has completed successfully.”, but nothing after that.

As an experiment, please deploy the MvcExampleIdentityProvider and MvcExampleServiceProvider projects to your IIS on locahost:80.
Make sure that you can browse to http://localhost/MvcExampleIdentityProvider and http://localhost/MvcExampleServiceProvider.
Confirm that the saml.config files for both of these projects are the originals. All URLs should be http://localhost etc.
Try the SSO and SLO.
If there’s still an issue, please send the log file and saml.config for both the MvcExampleIdentityProvider and MvcExampleServiceProvider as email attachments to mentioning this topic.

Thank you ComponentSpace. I was able to resolve my issue. It turns out I was not pointing at the correct URL for the SLOService.