SLO Service params

I’m new on SAML and I getting some trouble to understand and proceed with logout in my case:

My scenario is:

I have an application Angular with .NET API. (acting as a service)
I’ve create an website based on SP Example and my SSO is working very well.

I have multiple customers and each one has some users. In my case, I validate user data using SSO.

When the process are finished with sucess, I redirect the user to my Angular with .NET API to proced the login and identify my user.

All of this works pretty well.

Now, I need to proceed with user’s logout. How can I do it?

From my Application (Angular with .NET API) I need to redirect my /saml/SLOService.aspx. What are the parameters I need to send with it?

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For logout, you should pass control to the ASP.NET application which should call SAMLServiceProvider.InitiateSLO to initiate the SAML logout to the partner identity provider. This creates and send a SAML logout request to the IdP.

SAMLServiceProvider.InitiateSLO requires you to specify the name of the partner identity provider. This is similar to SAMLServiceProvider.InitiateSSO where you have to specify a partner identity provider name. You could save this name either in the Angular app and pass it to the ASP.NET application or save it in the ASP.NET application.

The /saml/SLOService.aspx endpoint calls SAMLServiceProvider.ReceiveSLO to receive and process the SAML logout response from the IdP. Once this is done you could redirect to the Angular app.