SessionIDDelegate in NetCore?


we’re migrating vom .Net to .Net Core.
We have used the SessionIDDelegate to customize the session id. I couldn’t find any way to reconstruct this with .Net Core Api of SAML.
Do you have any advice?


Hi Daniel,

It depends on what you wish to achieve. Under the ComponentSpace.Saml2.Session namespace there’s the ISsoSessionStore interface which defines the methods for storing and retrieving SAML session state.

We include a default DistributedSsoSessionStore implementation which stores the SAML session state in an IDistributedCache and is keyed by a saml-session cookie. The IDistributedCache can be in-memory, an SQL database, or Redis cache.

We also have an AspNetSsoSessionStore that stores the SAML session state in the ASP.NET session and a CookieSsoSessionStore which stores the SAML session state securely as the saml-session cookie value.

The Developer Guide, which is in the documentation folder and also available online, includes a section on ISsoSessionStore and the various implementations we include.