Send SAMLResponse to IDP and Return SAMLResponse

I’ve inherited a project and I’m fairly new to SAML so I don’t know if this even make sense.

In the project, I’m replacing an IDP with a new one that I have created. Currently, we use the ComponentSpace libs to create a SAMLResponse and then sent that to the IDP and raw SAML is returned. In the examples, SAMLIdentityProvider.ReceiveSSO() seems to wrap this up and sends the response back. Is there a way to essentially do the same thing as SAMLIdentityProvider.ReceiveSSO, but by sending a SAMLResponse or raw SAML?

The SAMLIdentityProvider class supports your application acting as the identity provider (IdP).
SAMLIdentityProvider.ReceiveSSO receives and processes a SAML authn request from a service provider (SP) as part of SP-initiated SSO.
SAMLIdentityProvider.InitiateSSO and SAMLIdentityProvider.SendSSO create and send a SAML response to the SP as part of IdP-initiated and SP-initiated SSO respectively.
Are you using the older SAML low-level APIs and you wish to switch to the high-level API which includes the SAMLIdentityProvider class?
Could you please provide more detail on what you wish to do?