SAMLServiceProvider.ReceiveSLO additional request data

I’m trialing the ComponentSpace library and it is working well so far. I’m following the patterns defined in the MVCExampleServiceProvider projects.

I would like to be able to receive a SLO request from an IdP. I’m currently using SAMLServiceProvider.ReceiveSLO(Request, out isRequest, out logoutReason, out partnerIdP);

In the MVCExampleServiceProvider example the controller simple does a FormsAuthentication.SignOut(). I need to do additional work as part of the signout process, which requires me to know the identity of the user that is being specified in the SLO request.

Is there a simple way to get additional information about the user being signed out? ie. While still using the HighLevelAPI can access either the name:id or attributes or the SLO request?


Currently the name ID in the logout request is not made available through the high-level API. Typically in your application you will know who the currently logged in user is. Is there something specific about the name ID you require rather than simply retrieving the name of the user currently logged in?