SAMLConfiguration.Validate() issues


So I thought I had some problems with the way SAMLConfiguration.Validate() worked, regarding the ouptut string. But then I realized it was telling me where MY configuration problems were, explicitly. I’m going to test some more to see how it goes.

Also, When I catch the SAMLSchemaValidationException when calling SAMLServiceProvider.ReceiveSSO(), there should be a property exposed which can provide me with the information above. Currently it does not seem like I get that, or perhaps I’m not understanding HOW to get it? Can I just use the .ToString() method for that class and get the same information as the validation program gives me?


Hi Matt
Currently the SAMLSchemaValidationException doesn’t include the details. Usually this isn’t an issue as you can run the ValidateConfig project offline which does provide these details. However, we’ll look at adding this information to the SAMLSchemaValidationException as well. Thanks for the suggestion.