Saml for WCF

Hello! Can I use saml class library for creating rest full wcf self host application? And without IIS? Is it easy? Do you have any example? Thank you!

The SAML specification and our product are primarily focused on browser based SAML SSO.
Using our component in a WCF service would most likely be limited to using a SAML assertion security token for transporting user authentication information.
Our component supports constructing a SAML assertion, signing it if required, and serialization to XML (ie as an XmlElement). It also supports deserialization from an XmlElement to a SAMLAssertion object as well as signature verification.
As a WCF client, your application would be responsible for adding the SAML assertion XmlElement to the WCF service request.
As a WCF service, your application would be responsible for extracting the XmlElement and then calling our SAMLAssertion(XmlElement) constructor to create the SAML assertion.
I'm afraid we don't have any WCF specific examples. We do have examples demonstrating how to manipulate SAML assertions.

Im sorry but I didn’t explane. I’m trying to make wcf self host application that will be return html pages for browser. So I’d like to integrate saml authentication in this page provided via wcf self host rest

I suggest taking a look at the ExampleIdentityProvider and ExampleServiceProvider applications that we ship. It would be a good idea to use something like Fiddler to trace the HTTP traffic. This will give you an idea of how the SSO flow works. For example, the SAML response which contains the SAML assertion is returned in a web form to the browser with some javascript to automatically post it to the service provider. As long as you can support these flows then you should be ok.