SAML Authentication from a standalone application

I need to create a service (a background application) that will access a SharePoint on premise farm, which is in a SAML SSO realm.
I’m not really a skilled developper but with some code sample I have been able to access SP through the CSOM. The point is that I have found a module for the authentication, but this module displays a popup to get my PIN code in order to read my PKI card. This is ok for test purpose but when my app will run in the background, the app has to access a certificate that will be stored in a secured store, not in my PKI card (no PKI card on the server, no guy to enter the PIN code either). Do you thing that the solution proposed by support this use case ?
Thanks for you help!

Hi Patrick,
SAML SSO and our product don’t set any restrictions on how the user is authenticated at the IdP. This is entirely the responsibility of the IdP.
The SP sends a SAML authn request to the IdP. It’s up to the IdP to authenticate the user and return a SAML response to the SP.
How the user is authenticated is up to the IdP.
I’m not familiar with this setup but if you’ve got SAML SSO working with the authentication module that prompts for a PIN, presumably it should also work if this is replaced with an authentication module that accesses a certificate.
The best thing to do is to get a proof of concept working using our free evaluation.