SAML And auth0 Erro the partner service provider **** is unknown.

our SSo version
[quote]Assembly ComponentSpace.SAML2, Version=,[/quote]

Hello Every,

We use CompoentSpace for our SSO in our .Net web site
We have one customer want to connect to our SSO via auth0
but we get evey time this error GetPartnerServiceProvider The partner service provider **** is unknown.

I) Our SSO config :
1) File web.cofing

2) File saml.config:

<PartnerServiceProvider Name=”urn:auth0:Auth0Tenant:ComponentSpaceIDP”
Description=”My customer Provider”

[quote]all the values are same in my code only

For other customer our sso work fine but only this customer customer who use auth0 (
Every time our sso (CompoentSpace )throw error

[quote] [GetPartnerServiceProvider ()] error
The partner service provider "urn:auth0:Auth0Tenant:ComponentSpaceIDP is unknown.[/quote]

Can you please help to firgure out what is the problem

thank you in advance

This error occurs if a with a matching Name cannot be found in saml.config.
These values look correct so something else must be going on.
Please double check that the correct saml.config file has been deployed with the application.
If there’s still an issue, please enable SAML trace and send the generated log file as an email attachment to mentioning this topic.
Also send your saml.config file with any passwords removed.