Running Assertion Example

I’ve created my own certificate and have verified that the provider is “Microsoft Enhanced RSA and AES Cryptographic Provider”. When I run the example it runs great until I hit the following line of code “VerifyAssertionSignature = SAMLAssertionSignature.Verify(xmlSAMLAssertion)”. It errors and I receive the following error “Failed to verify the XML signature.”.

Same thing happens with the default certificate provided in the example.

Am I missing something obvious?


My apologies. This is a bug in the AssertionExample that’s appeared with a recent update to the SAML library.
Please email us to receive updated source code for the AssertionExample.
The AssertionExample uses the SAML low-level API.
We recommend using the SAML high-level API wherever possible as it’s easier to use.
You’ll find examples of it’s use in the projects under the Examples\SSO\HighLevelAPI folder.
It’s also documented in our Developer Guide PDF in the Documentation folder.