Retrieving multi-valued attributes

I’m trying to setup the High-level API for my site which is the SP working with an ADFS IdP. I can’t seem to find any documentation on the format of the attributes returned from the ReceiveSSO function. Specifically - Users in ADFS can be members of multiple groups. Attributes retrieved from ReceiveSSO() will be in an IDictionary(Of String, String) - so how are multiple values handled? Are they concatenated in some way?

The SAMLServiceProvider.ReceiveSSO method includes a number of overloads. The IDictionary<string, string> only supports single value SAML attributes which is a common use case. If you have multi-value SAML attributes then you need to use one of the overloads that returns a SAMLAttribute[].
SAMLAttribute includes a Name property and a Values property which returns an AttributeValue list. AttributeValue.Data is the actual SAML attribute value.

Thanks! That’s so simple I should not have missed it!