PingFederate and targeturl

We are currently having an issue where a client site using PingFederate is not returning the return URL.

I have verified that the login.aspx page is sending it (and that it’s not null)

//Send the SSO request off to the Identity Provider
SAMLServiceProvider.InitiateSSO(Response, returnUrl, SAMLConfiguration.Current.GetPartnerIdentityProvider(“”).Name);

But on our AssertionConsumer page target URL is not being set

// Receive and process the SAML assertion contained in the SAML response.
// The SAML response is received either as part of IdP-initiated or SP-initiated SSO.
SAMLServiceProvider.ReceiveSSO(Request, out isInResponseTo, out partnerIdP, out userName, out attributes, out targetUrl);

I have enabled logging and can post whatever relevant pieces would be necessary, but didn’t want to post the whole thing and expose our URL’s to the forum. I would be interested to know what the troubleshooting steps would be for something like this.


Hi James
Please send the full log as an email attachment to mentioning this topic.

Done-- thanks for the quick reply.