Pass Login_Hint(Username) to SecureAuth IDP from Service Provider application


We have configured our service provider application with SecureAuth Idp. User enters his username on SP login page and then SP redirects the user to IdP page along with username. While redirecting from SP to IdP page, we append the entered ‘username’ as query string parameter to IdP single sign on url. But SecureAuth IdP page does not displays the username in textbox which has passed in query string parameter. So, user needs to enter username again on IdP page along with password.

If IdP is ADFS server, then it works well and displays the username on ADFS IdP page in username textbox. Our requirement is to support multiple IdPs , so we need to generalize the approach.

How to pass login_hint(username) from SP, so it will work with supported IdPs?
If no any general support, how can we achieve this with SecureAuth IdP?


Hi Lokesh
There is nothing in the SAML specification that supports passing a user name from the SP to the IdP.
Any mechanism supported by an IdP will be proprietary to that IdP.
I’m not sure if SecureAuth has a way for you to specify the user name.
You should ask on their support forum.