Octa api calling it self again and again

I am using Octa Api with Saml in my current project. I have a requirement to redirect Octa valid user to login page again if he is using any other browser except crome in sucess method. So i am able do done it but when user is redirecting to login page again octa api is calling it self and again same process is repeating again and again. Please give me solution for this how can i stop calling octa api itself when i am redirecting user to login page again.

I just want to confirm, do you mean the Okta REST API?
Are you attempting to SAML SSO to Okta?
Is the actual SAML SSO is working?
SAML SSO is a browser based protocol.
If a user successfully SSOs to Okta using Firefox and you switch them to Chrome the user will have to login again at Okta as there won’t be an authentication cookie associated with the Chrome session.
You would be better to switch the browser before attempting SSO.