.Net Framework 3.5


We have application(Web based) built with .net 3.5 framework. We planned to integrate with Azure and , Shiliong core SSO integration. Will this component support 3.5 framework. Need your inputs on this…


Hi Sanjay
We ship two versions of the SAML2 DLL. One is built for .NET 2.0 and up and the other is built for .NET 4.0 and up.
For .NET 3.5 you would have to use the .NET 2.0 version of the SAML2 DLL.
One limitation with versions of the .NET framework prior to .NET 4.0 is that they don’t support SHA-256 XML signatures. This means you would only be able to use SHA-1 signatures.
You may find that some partner providers will no longer support SHA-1.
If this proves to be an issue then your best option is to move up to .NET 4.0 or higher.