Multi tenant configuration

I have implemented custom AbstractSAMLConfigurationResolver.
It use SP initiated login.
On initiate SSO I set SAMLController.ConfigurationID = configurationID and custom resolver can get configuration from DB.
At AssertionConsumerService I do not have any configuration ID at all, so custom resolver can not find right configuration.
Are configuration ID saved at cookies at intiate SSO step ?
What I’m missed ?

Thanks for advaise

Our recommendation is to set the SAMLController.ConfigurationID property prior to each SAML SSO/SLO API call.

However, we do store the configuration ID in the SAML session state which is identified by the SAML_SessionId cookie. If you’re not seeing the configuration ID at your assertion consumer service, it might be that the cookie isn’t being returned by the browser.

The SAML_SessionId cookie is marked as secure so ensure the assertion consumer service endpoint is accessed over HTTPS.

Also, check the SameSite cookie mode configured for your application.

If there’s still an issue, please enable SAML trace and send the generated log file as an email attachment to mentioning your forum post.