Mocking ReceiveSsoAsync and SpSsoResult

Is there anyway you guys can remove the internal modifiers for all of SpSsoResult (and any other results) properties? They aren’t virtual and that makes it impossible nearly impossible to mock.

var spSsoResult = new SpSsoResult
UserID = userId,
Attributes = attributes
_samlServiceProvider.Setup(x => x.ReceiveSsoAsync()).ReturnsAsync(spSsoResult);

The above should be valid not but I cannot set the UserID and Attributes properties.

Also is there any better way to do this? Maybe a subclass that inherits from SpSsoResult that allows me to set these properties?

Please contact us regarding the 2.0.6 beta.
We’ve introduced interfaces for the SpSsoResult and other classes.
For example, ISamlServiceProvider.ReceiveSsoAsync now returns an ISpSsoResult.