Missing SubjectLocality in Saml Response

I need to add missing field(SubjectLocality) in SAML Response
<saml:SubjectLocality Address=“” DNSName=“abc.org”/>

Can you please let me know how to generate this

It’s unusual to include a SubjectLocality which is why it isn’t directly part of the SAML high-level API. However, you can update the SAML assertion prior to its transmission using the SAML notifications interface. The following example receives the OnSAMLAssertionCreated event and updates the SAML assertion.

using ComponentSpace.SAML2.Assertions;
using ComponentSpace.SAML2.Notifications;

public class ExampleSAMLObserver : AbstractSAMLObserver
public override SAMLAssertion OnSAMLAssertionCreated(string partnerName, SAMLAssertion samlAssertion)
samlAssertion.GetAuthenticationStatements()[0].SubjectLocality = new SubjectLocality()
Address = “”,
DNSName = “abc.org

return samlAssertion;

Typically you register the event handler at application start-up.

SAMLObservable.Subscribe(new ExampleSAMLObserver());