Missing interfaces and functions


our company has purchased a license for SAML v2.0 for ASP.NET a while ago.
Because of internal reasons concerning updates, I recently started using the NuGet.org version for SAML support in an existing IdentityServer4 project following this guide. The project targets .NET framework 4.6.2.
Now that I’ve got an update on ComponentSpace.SAML2 I notice that

  • the naming is different (SAML2 instead of Saml2)
  • some interfaces are missing (e.g. ISamlIdentityProvider)
  • services.AddSaml() is missing
It seems there are some major differences between SAML v2.0 for ASP.NET and SAML v2.0 for ASP.NET Core.
Is there something I’m overlooking or did our company buy the wrong product?

Although the SAML v2.0 for ASP.NET and SAML v2.0 for ASP.NET Core products provide similar functionality, there are differences in the provided interfaces, classes and configuration reflecting the different styles in the two frameworks.
The evaluation at https://www.nuget.org/packages/ComponentSpace.Saml2/ is the .NET 2.0 standard library targeting ASP.NET Core.
If you’re application targets ASP.NET, you should use SAML v2.0 for ASP.NET.
If you’re application targets ASP.NET Core, you should use SAML v2.0 for ASP.NET Core.
IdentityServer4 targets ASP.NET Core and our integration guide describes how to add SAML support to it using our SAML v2.0 for ASP.NET Core product.
If your company purchased the wrong product, please contact sales@componentspace.com.