Missing form variable RelayState

I am testing the SAML V2.0 ExampleServiceProvider HighLevelAPI application as SP and our test ADFS server as IDP. Sign in works fine, but the SAMLResponse gives error. When I checked the log file, it shows error is ‘Missing form variable RelayState’. But in the AssertionConsumerService.aspx file, giving the error ‘The partner identity provider http://xxxxxxxxxx.com/adfs/services/trust is not configured’. Since my configuration is ‘https://’ still it showing ‘http://’.
I am not able to attach any files, copy any lines in this message.

The relay state is optional and often not used.
In your saml.config you have a with a Name attribute value of “<a href=“https://…”.”>https://…“. This Name value should be “<a href=“http://…”.”>http://…”.
The Name attribute is just a name and won’t be used as a URL endpoint.
The Name attribute has no bearing on whether or not you use HTTPS to communicate with the partner identity provider.
In fact, you should be using HTTPS for communications with the partner identity provider but the name of the partner identity provider is “<a href=“http://…”.”>http://…".