MetadataImporter.SaveCertificate() method is missing in ComponentSpace.SAML2.dll

MetadataImporter.SaveCertificate() method is missing in ComponentSpace.SAML2.dll.
The error is thrown in the package dll, I can’t run the application with this error.

It is used in dot net aspx application.

The MetadataImporter class includes the following method.

/// <summary>
/// Saves the X.509 certificate to the specified file.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="x509Certificate">The X.509 certificate.</param>
/// <param name="fileName">The file name.</param>
public static void SaveCertificate(X509Certificate2 x509Certificate, string fileName)

Just to confirm, are you using SAML for ASP.NET or SAML for ASP.NET Core?

The above method assumes you’re using SAML for ASP.NET.

What version of the SAML library are you using?

It got resolved, the dll was not refreshed as the path of reresh.dll was wrong.


Thanks for the update.