Many potential Identity Providers

We have a multi-tenancy environment and I found in the High Level API example the method LoadMuliTenantedSAMLConfigurationProgrammatically() where you can load different configurations. However, would we need to manually list every client who wants to use SSO to log in to the site? Also, we are already using ComponentSpace in our Global.asax file as Identity Providers ourselves to allow customers to log in to another site. Would this create a conflict?

More information about multi-tenancy support may be found at:
You need to configure each partner site to enable SAML SSO with that partner. This is required as partner site URLs, certificates etc are required to achieve SSO.
You should be able to continue acting as an identity provider.
Could you provide a little more detail about your scenario?
Currently you act as an identity provider to enable SSO with a partner service provider.
You now wish to support separate SAML configuration for each of your clients.
Will these SAML configurations have you acting as the identity provider or service provider?
You’re welcome to contact us by email if you’d prefer not to provide the details here.