Local Certificate .pfx

Hi ,
Identity Provider provide me .pem file which is known as certificate. But Idon’t know how to generate .pfx.
I have used certificate but I keep getting “Unable to verify the signature” from SAML response. I have no idea what is LocalCertificate. Is Certificate which is provided from Identity Provider not enough to use? Inside the document,explaining what is .pfx file which is included private key.
But when provider only give me Certificate, could you please guide me how to use Local Certificate.
May I know how to generate .pfx file and password or should I request pfx from Identity Provider?
I am really appreciate your answer.

Thank you

The local certificate file is a PFX and is used to sign SAML messages sent to partner providers. A PFX file includes the private key. If you’re not signing messages it’s not required. If you are signing messages, the Certificate Guide explains how to generate a self-signed PFX.


The certificate provided by the partner identity provider is configured under the as the partner certificate. It’s used to verify signatures on messages sent by the partner.

If you take a look at the ExampleServiceProvider project under the Examples\SSO\WebForms, you’ll see its saml.config has a number of entries each specifying a partner certificate file.

If you’re still having issues, I suggest emailing your saml.config with any passwords removed to support@componentspace.com.