Is there a version

Last November I used a trial of ComponentSpace to do an IdP-initiated project in VB .NET. It worked successfully and so I purchased the license this month.

I got rid of all traces of the trial version and then downloaded/installed the licensed version according to the instructions. Now my project no longer works, though I have not changed the code.

I have a backup version of the code from November. The only thing I can see that is different is the .dll. The backup vbproj file contains the following reference:


The new vbproj file, with the licensed version, has this:


Unfortunately I do not have a backup of the ComponentSpace .dll from that time. Is there a version If so, how can I obtain a copy?

We can send you the licensed 2.8.8 version. Please email
There shouldn’t be any issues with 3.1.0.
What errors are you seeing?