InitiateSLO causing Object Moved to here response


I am trying to implement SLO in an application that already uses SSO with the High Level API.

When I call InitiateSLO it hangs and I can see Object moved to here response when I monitor the request. I have also tried redirecting to the response myself which gives cross domain issues.
Currently I am trying to Log out of the High Level API Owin example Identity Provider example project from my own application.

Many thanks in advance,

When you call InitiateSLO, the SAML logout request is sent using an HTTP 302 redirect.
What’s the URL in the browser address bar?
Is it still in your application or the identity provider?
Is there any additional code in your application that could be overriding the 302 redirect?
If there’s still an issue, please enable SAML trace at the service provider and send the generated log file as an email attachment to
Also include a screenshot of the browser’s address bar.

Thank you for your response. The URL does not change and is still our applications’ URL. It does not even get to the IP, unless I manually paste the URL generated for redirect from the header (if I do thos the logout will work). I have a tracelog configured, but one doesn’t even get created. I have one from the IDP set up in the same way to the same folder that does. The last line is always that login was successful. All of this points to something overriding the redirect but I can’t find or see anything doing that, I just return an OK status from the web api in question.

I suggest using Fiddler or the browser dev tools to capture the HTTP traffic.
If you don’t see the SAML 302 HTTP response then it must be being overridden in your code somehow.
Perhaps compare your code with our example projects.
If you’re stuck, please send the Fiddler .saz or browser .har file as an email attachment to
Also include your code where you call InitiateSLO.