IdP SAML Configuration UI


I’m a developer working as an intern for a company. The company wants provide an application for their customers, and they want to accommodate their customers needs by implementing SSO. Therefore, I researched a lot on different IdP’s such as OKTA. But the thing is that the company wants to make their application SAML-compliant with multiple IdP’s such as OKTA, ADFS, OneLogin, Ping etc.

I noticed that a lot of companies have a ‘settings’ page within their application where the user will have to option to enable their SAML configuration information. Therefore I want to make a UI (a form) where the user will enter their IdP SAML information. The form should include the necessary input fields such as:

- IdP Name
- IdP Login URL
- IdP Logout URL
- IdP Metadata
- IdP’s Certificate (browse)

I know the confiugration details is being stored in the Entity Framework Database but how exactly do I ‘connect’ the entered information to the database.

I hope I made it understable otherwise feel free to ask me for ellaboration…

Thanks in advance!

Hi Benjamin,

Usually the user interface will be application specific and tie in with existing elements of the application.

The “connection” of the user interface, where configuration is viewed and modified, and the database, where this information is stored, will be dependent on the technology you use. If an Entity Framework database is used, the standard operations would apply. There’s nothing particular about storing SAML configuration. If you’re unfamiliar with Entity Framework, please refer to the Microsoft documentation.