IDP Pending Response State

Is there any way to get the IDP Pending Response State from the SSOSessionStore?

The SSO session status that’s stored in the ISsoSessionStore is not exposed directly.
However, you can call ISamlProvider.GetStatusAsync to return the SsoStatus.
Let me know if there’s something you’re after that’s not included in the SsoStatus.

I see that the SSOStatus only exposes methods regarding IsSSOCompletionPending with a partner name parameter. Is there a way to directly get the partner name of the pending sso?


Currently there isn’t but we could add this.
May I ask how you intend to use the partner name of the pending SSO?

We are hooking up some logic between receiving the sso request and sending the sso response. This includes different screens that we need to show the user. This is specific for each service provider so we want to make sure throughout the series of steps that we know which service provider the user is logging in from.

Thanks for the additional information.
As a workaround you could have your application store this information directly (ie the partner name).
We’ll add support in the next release.
You’re welcome to email to arrange access to a beta release when it’s available.