How to use ComponentSpace library in higher environment (Gcloud) after development

Hi Team, I am just using ComponentSpace library evaluation version to develop my code and send request and get response from IdP server using HTTP-Artifact binding after successful login from IdP server. Is it require any licence to use ComponentSpace library in higher environment or just use library file and it is free open source . If licence require, May I know what is the process to get the licence and how we can configure it in cloud environments. I have three environment , Dev in Window, QA is in linux and PROD is GCloud. I am not sure how to configure to use ComponentSpace S library in upper environments. it simple deployment of ComponentSpace library file.

It’s a commercial product. You need to purchase a license to use the product. Licenses may be purchased online.
The product is a .NET class library for use with ASP.NET applications. It supports whatever environments are supported by ASP.NET. This won’t include native Linux environments.
You simply deploy the SAML2 DLL along with your application. It should be included in your application’s bin folder when you publish the application.