How to implement SSO using SAML?

I have downloaded the SAMLv2.0 30 days evaluation copy form your web site and set up an Identity Provider and Service Provider which you have provided along with the suite and it is working fine. After that, I am trying to create an SSO demo application with my two .net applications which is of frame work 2.0 and 3.5 respectively. I have created an Identity Provider using the sample high level web application and Service Providers as my two .net applications. I have used the same certificates that you have provided in the sample application. But unfortunately I am not successful to meet my requirement. I am getting the following error.The X.509 certificate could not be loaded from the file D:SP\IEAdmin\adfs.cer. Is it possible to reuse the same certificates in another application?

My apologies for not replying promptly. For some reason we missed the notification of this post.
You should be able to load the same certificate from two different applications. If you’re still having issues please reply to this forum or contact