How to Get out from service provider, when we logout from another service provider using Iframe?

In my application, Iam using Iframes, I have authenticated using Identity provider and switched to the tabs in my application, Iam loading some pages in Iframe inside the tabs.

Opened another tab in the browser, it is successfully authenticated and I clicked on logout and it is logged out from IDP, which is correct

I came back to the previous tab in the same browser and clicked on some link, It is checking the session in IDP and redirect to IDP Page.

But My pages are in Iframe, So IDP Page is loading inside the Iframe. I need to Refresh and Load the IDP page outside Iframe.

This isn’t directly related to the SAML SSO protocol.
You need to use an HTML link that targets “_blank” or execute some JavaScript to switch from the iFrame.
The best option will depend on your application.
For example: