How to clear any pending responses

Hi Team,

I’m currently working on Okta integration and got struck at the following:
1. SP-Initiated login to Okta - Entered the credentials and it redirected me to an error page on Okta (Since, I didn’t assign this user to my application, it returned an error saying you don’t have access to this app on Okta. Contact your administrator) which is expected.
2. At this point of time, I would like to login with a different set of credentials, but when I click on login button on my application it returns the same error again and again until I clear the browser cache or explicitly signout from the Okta admin page.

Could you please help me on how to signout from the previous login initiated ? Or is there a way to clear the pending action that was already issued ?


Hi Bhargav
I don’t think there’s anything you can do other than logout from Okta.
This isn’t something that can be controlled by the SAML SSO protocol.