How Service Provider will read session stored in Table

Iam storing my session information in table by using
SAMLController.SSOSessionStore = new ComponentSpace.SAML2.Data.DatabaseSSOSessionStore();

If I close the browser , and i reopen it How can i check and access the session stored in database?

What steps need to take to kill the session stored in database?

If you close the browser the session cookie disappears. The associated session data row in the table is effectively orphaned.
The session data row includes an UpdateDateTime column. This indicates the last time the session data was accessed.
The DatabaseSSOSessionStore class includes a DeleteExpired method that takes a DateTime indicating the expiration time.
Any rows whose UpdateDateTime is older than the expiration time passed into DeleteExpired will be deleted from the table.
Alternatively, you can clean up the table yourself through your own database script or code.