How does one get x509 certificate? Same as SSL certificate?

Ok, I’m a noob.
How does one get a x509 certificate? I’ve read that Verisign is a possible source, but don’t see where to order one from their site.
Is it the same as getting an SSL certificate, or are there differences?

The X.509 certificate used in SAML SSO for XML signatures and XML encryption is the same as an SSL certificate.
The underlying transport layer used to send and receive SAML protocol messages should be HTTPS rather than HTTP. The SSL certificate configured for HTTPS also can be used for XML signatures and encryption.
If you have an existing certificate that’s used for SSL/HTTPS then this can be re-used, assuming it makes sense in your particular circumstances.
Alternatively, you may purchase a certificate from a certificate authority. The type of certificate required is the same as used for SSL/HTTPS.