How can I send request for SLO from ADFS-low-level sample code?

I used ADFS-low-level and ADFS. I need to logout at this project but I do not know how can I do it. I used and know about high-level and it is very well with very little code to use but if it is possible I would like to use logout at low-level project that I combined with our project. Could you please send to me a sample code to call SLO at ADFS-Low-level ?

Thank you,

Our recommendation is to use the SAML high-level API wherever possible as it’s much easier to use than the low-level API.
For an example of logout using the low-level API, please refer to the SAML2ServiceProvider project under the Examples\SSO\LowLevelAPI\SP-Initiated folder.
The Default.aspx page includes code to initiate SAML logout.
The SAML/SLOService.aspx page includes code to process SAML logout messages.