Getting "The partner identity provider http://xxxx is not configured." when Implementing ISAMLConfigurationResolver

With everything looking good when performing an IDP initiated SSO using the example default saml.config settings, I moved on to try Implementing the ISAMLConfigurationResolver for multiple SP’s.

There’s likely a misunderstanding on my part regarding the best way to implement this. On the IDP side, I have the configuration resolver registered in my startup class as follows:
SAMLController.ConfigurationResolver = new MvcExampleIdentityProvider.Controllers.CustomConfigurationResolver();

In the controller InitiateSingleSignOn() method, I have:
CustomConfigurationResolver config = new CustomConfigurationResolver();
config.GetPartnerServiceProviderConfiguration(“test”, “test2”);

Both Get methods currently have the sample hardcoded config values as set in the saml.config. Both methods appear to execute without error, but when the
SP AssertionConsumerService() method runs, I get said error when receiving the SAML response in SAMLServiceProvider.ReceiveSSO.

Any suggestions would be greatly apprecited.

The log shows the saml.config file being used rather than your CustomConfigurationResolver.
Is the CustomConfigurationResolver just for the IdP and the SP is using a saml.config file?
The error in the SP log is:
“The partner identity provider http://MvcExampleIdentityProvider is not configured.”
That’s correct as your saml.config has a with a name of “<a href=“https://MvcExampleIdentityProvider”.”>https://MvcExampleIdentityProvider".
You need to ensure the names are consistent between the IdP and SP.

Got it, thank you for your help and patience.

You’re welcome.