Getting SAMLConfigurationException on the SP when hooking up my own certificates

Trying to apply my own certificates to both the IDP and SP.

Can anyone tell me if I am missing a setting in my SAML.config.

The error reads: “A SAML configuration ID must be specified.”

Error happens on this line in the SP example:
// Receive and process the SAML assertion contained in the SAML response.
// The SAML response is received either as part of IdP-initiated or SP-initiated SSO.
SAMLServiceProvider.ReceiveSSO(Request, out isInResponseTo, out partnerIdP, out userName, out attributes, out targetUrl);

Call Stack:

at ComponentSpace.SAML2.Configuration.SAMLConfiguration.GetCurrent()
at ComponentSpace.SAML2.InternalSAMLServiceProvider…ctor()
at ComponentSpace.SAML2.SAMLServiceProvider.ReceiveSSO(HttpRequest httpRequest, Boolean& isInResponseTo, String& partnerIdP, String& userName, IDictionary& attributes, String& relayState)

Any help would be appreciated.

- Adam

Ok not sure how but I must have forgot to add the IDP.cer to the SP site. Probably not a good error message.

Hi Adam
I’m glad you found the issue. We’ve recently improved the error reporting in this area.