Generating Self-Signed certificate programmatically for each tenant


We have a multi-tenant app (which acts as a SP) and each tenant can submit it’s IdP info on our website to enable SSO. Is it possible to dynamically generate a self-signed certificate for each tenant and then store it with SP configuration generated for the tenant in the database as a string. We are using a CustomSamlConfigurationResolver in our app. The resolver will load the SP configuration for the IdP from the database including the certificates which will be part of the stored config. Our .NET core app runs inside a Linux Docker


Hi Adnan,

We support certificates stored as strings and these can be returned through a custom SAML configuration resolver. For more information, please refer to the “Certificate Strings” section of the Certificate Guide.

Included with the examples we ship is a CreateSelfSignedCert project which demonstrates how to create a self-signed certificate.