Feature request: Middleware SamlHandler should not depend on singleton/startup value for SamlOptions.PartnerName

Use case:
- We are using beta 1.0.3
- We have a multitenant dynamic configurable identityserver where we now have tried to develop a middleware that runs before SamlMiddleware and basically sets the configuration correctly depending on metadataurl/database for the given tenant. This is done within lifetime scope which also works nicely in the SamlServiceProvider
- As far as we can figure everything will work nicely if it’s just possible to change the partnername used withing SamlHandler below
[await this.samlServiceProvider.InitiateSsoAsync(this.Options.PartnerName, (string) null, (SsoOptions) null);]

We don’t really see the reason for a single fixed partnername in the middleware during startup as it is, any particular reason why?

Feature request alt1:
- SamlHandler to take in some other kind of options in constructor that can then be changed by other classes as well during the request. Such as IOptions or possibly add the Options.PartnerName to SamlConfigurations instead
- [await this.samlServiceProvider.InitiateSsoAsync(configurations.MiddlewarePartnerName, (string) null, (SsoOptions) null);]

Thoughts? This seems like a bit of a blocker for us at the moment unless we want to implement our own SamlHandler.

We should be able to meet your requirement.
I’ll reply to your email.

Hi all, I am currently facing the same issue described. Can you please explain how I could accomplish this or forward the email with the steps?


Please contact us as support@componentspace.com mentioning this topic.
This is something currently being investigated as to the best way to support this requirement and we’d like to hear your input.