Error while importing IdP metadata

I’m trying to configure SSO with a IdentityProvider (my system is a ServieProvider). All I have is Idp Metdata:
Link to metadata
I’m using the ImportMetadata projekt from metadata samples, but I’m getting en exception with error message “The XML is not an entity descriptor.”
Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Tomasz,

The ImportMetadata project has a limitation in that it expects the XML to contain an EntityDescriptor rather than an EntitiesDescriptor as the root element. This is the most common scenario although the metadata you have is valid.

To workaround this limitation, please move the two XML namespace declarations to the EntityDescriptor element and delete the EntitiesDescriptor element.

We will look at extending the ImportMetadata to support EntitiesDescriptor in a future release.

Hi ComponentSpace Development,

I ended up with this solution.
Thank you for a quick response.


You’re welcome.