error in Web.config

I'm completely new to ComponentSpace, so sorry for this question...

I just downloaded the trail version (saml2.0) and I followed all the steps as described in the Developer Guide to install the demo files. I'm setting up the SP demo described in 10.1
After building the Examples I try to run the web-application. The first page comes up nice, but when I hit the text: 'SSO to the Identity Provider' I receive a standard ASP error:

Row 35:

This is from the web.config.

Does anyone knows how to solve this error?




Hi Arno
Did you install the example applications to your local IIS or are you running it from Visual Studio?
Could you provide the full details of the error you see?
Is forms authentication enabled for your application in IIS?
This should happen automatically when you publish the application to IIS but it’s worth checking. You’ll find the setting in IIS under the Authentication feature for the application.
The Forms Authentication status should be listed as enabled.