EncryptedId inside of an EncryptedAssertion is not decrypted (double encrypted NameId?)

I am currently evaluating ComponentSpace and trying to get it to work with our external IdP.
The SamlResponse from the IdP contains an EncryptedAssertion, which contains an EcryptedId. I enabled trace debugging to see that the EncryptedAssertion is correctly decrypted und contains the EncryptedId, but the EncryptedId is ignored and not further decrypted.

My understanding is, that this is currently not possible with the high level api and I need to implement it with the low level api. See: https://www.componentspace.com/forums/11218/Processing-decrypting-an-Assertion-containing-an-EncryptedID-element-someone-had-experience-example-

Are one of the two below events correct for implementing what I need to get EncryptedId decrypted? If yes, can you give me guidance as to what I need to implement?

.AddSaml(“MyIdp”, options =>
options.Events = new SamlAuthenticationEvents()
OnSamlResponseReceived = (context, samlResponse, str) =>
// ?
OnSamlAssertionReceived = (context, assertion) =>
// ?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Dennis,

This functionality was recently included and will be released in the next couple of weeks. Please contact support@componentspace.com mentioning your interest and we’ll provide a beta.