Does PartnerName is mandatory to pass in _samlServiceProvider.InitiateSsoAsync() & PartnerIdentityProviderConfiguration

Hello Team ,

Earlier in .Net 4.8 we were using source code SAML2 packages but now shift to ComponentSpace.SAML2.Lincensed package to use high level methods of DLL.
However, Recently we migrated from .Net 4.8 to ASP.NET core 6 and found that earlier we not required partner name .
Currently, we are using builder.Services.AddSaml().AddConfigurationResolver(); to get IDP configuration dynamically according to customer’s prefer IDP. And found that if partner Name not matched in _samlServiceProvider.InitiateSsoAsync() and PartnerIdentityProviderConfiguration then exception occurred saying Identity provider not configured properly.
By any chance, can tweak here with partner name parameter.
The method GetPartnerIdentityProviderConfigurationAsync(string configurationName, string partnerName)

i don’t want to disturb the existing customer who are using SSO feature currently , to get partner name from their configured IDP metadata.
Currently my development scope is only to migrate application from .Net 4.8 to ASP.NET core 6.

Looking for advice .

The partnerName parameter passed to _samlServiceProvider.InitiateSsoAsync is optional if you only have one partner identity provider configured, If there’s more than one identity provider you must specify a partnerName to specify which identity provider to SSO to.

The partnerName parameter passed to _samlServiceProvider.InitiateSsoAsync is then passed to GetPartnerIdentityProviderConfigurationAsync(string configurationName, string partnerName).